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Marine Solar Technologies has worked with Bill Flynn and Endeavor Consulting for two years on an innovation involving building a customized computer board, and incorporating third party sensors. I found Endeavor to have unparalleled levels of expertise regarding the communication protocols of these systems, and they have always been timely and helpful in dealing with supply chain issues, and other unexpected complications with our product. The team has gone above and beyond in helping with issues we’ve had with vendors, and complicated engineering tasks. I enthusiastically recommend their services. There has yet to be an issue they have been unable to overcome.

Matt Tarpey

I am proud to consider Endeavor not just as a service provider, but as a valued partner who is vital to my team. The team at Endeavor is not only professional but also incredibly customer focused. I must express my admiration for the exceptional individuals on Endeavor's team. Kyle, Rob, and Bill 3, who have been essential throughout these 6 years, have consistently demonstrated expertise in their respective areas and have a genuine passion for ensuring the success of our collaborative efforts. Additionally, I must commend Endeavor's remarkable leader, Bill Flynn. Bill not only provides visionary guidance but leads by example. His commitment to excellence, work ethic, finding the right people for his team, and ability to inspire others have created a culture of success within the team, and it shows in every project and task his team does. I wholeheartedly recommend Endeavor to anyone seeking software, firmware, hardware, or product development. Their commitment to excellence, outstanding customer service, and overall reliability makes them a standout choice.

Zach Snyder

Technology Manager
I’ve known Bill for nearly a decade, and from day one, I’ve considered him one of the smartest men I’ve known. He is a consummate professional and advocate for my business – even if that sacrifices billable hours for his business. The quality of work he and his team have provided is exemplary – and for these reasons, I will always do business with Bill/Endeavor Consulting Group

Bob Boggs

Over the past 5 years we have worked exclusively with Endeavor Consulting on the redesign and improvements of our unique product / system. They listened, and proposed refreshing changes - both hardware and software related - which simplified the product considerably, reducing its cost whilst increasing its reliability. As a result of their vast experience, their concepts and designs are always production / assembly friendly - which is a wonderful bonus. We now delight in coming up with new derivatives from our base system knowing that Endeavor will always come back with the right solution in a timely manner and at a fair price. They are a trusted and reliable partner!

David Buckley


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